LWF student takes to the skies!


Published by: | Date: 09 March, 2017 | Categories: News

One of our students from St Lawrence, Hunter, first flew with the Air Cadets from RAF Cranwell in a Tutor Aircraft, back in December 2016. At his request he flew over various RAF bases, both operational and none operational. At one point, he took control of the plane and accomplished some basic maneuvers. When he got his feet back on the ground, he said, "This is my dream come true". Then with a big smile on his face he asked, "When can I go again?".

Last week Hunter’s wish came true and he has flown again. However, not only has he flown again, he also took control of the plane, for a short while. When he was asked what he thought of the flight? He replied, "I love flying, I have been dreaming of flying all my life”. 

What a fantastic celebration of Learning for life and Working for his Future, through the experiences he is gaining within the Air Cadets!  Well done Hunter! 

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