East Lindsey Inclusive Team for Education - First Family Seminars


Published by: | Date: 10 March, 2017 | Categories: News

We held our first family seminar events on the 20th February in Louth, and again on the 1st March in Horncastle, with attendance from around 50 parents and carers from across the East Lindsey area. Families reported that they gained a great deal from not only talking to each other but also the professionals at hand as well as the seminar itself.  Thank you to our parents and carers who attended and supported the events, this was a great start to this venture.  

We asked families what they would like to gain from these seminars moving forward and we are currently putting a schedule together for the remainder of the year, covering areas such as anger management, sensory integration, sleep support, puberty support and much more.

We were also supported from students from across upper school within LWF, to provide refreshments, and develop their life skills, at both events. The students were exceptional as always and were celebrated for their politeness, services and communication with the community. As a result they have come up with some ideas as to how they would like to move things forward, which is fantastic.


We started this half term with a challenge! Sara asked us to make biscuits and have them ready at the Meridian by 10am; well we did it with team work which helped us also achieve numeracy and literacy targets in a practical way. Katie and Mia made the shortbread biscuits and we all carried them to the meridian, they smelt delicious as they were warm, one lady walking her dog stopped us and said they smelt lovely I said we were taking them to the Meridian.

At the Meridian we asked people if they would like one, they said they were lovely because they were still warm. I stayed to listen to Tania talking about Autism; I want to learn about my diagnosis, it was ok I did get a bit tired but then Sara introduced me to my mums friend Dawn who was also listening and we had a good chat about LAFFs the autism support group my mum runs.

Katie and Mia then went around the stall to see what each had to say and offered their biscuits around. We had a great morning, we had used our communication skills and especially with people we didn’t know. Katie and Mia spoke to Linda Spence the head of Lacey gardens, hopefully we are going to help with some gardening with their students. Mia said she was nervous because she thought she could speak to people but said she has found out with a bit of help she can. We all enjoyed our morning. Tania sent us a lovely thank you card.

 By Sarah.

I’m a student in year ten at St Lawrence School  and on Wednesday I went to E.L.I.T.E meeting at  Stanhope hall and when I was there I talked to members of the public, made teas and coffees, served cake,  described what we do in school. I enjoyed working with new people, serving  drinks and cakes and of course chips. I really enjoyed working with new people doing different things.



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