The Lincolnshire Wolds Community Trust was formed to support outstanding education, including offering an exceptional approach to Special Educational Needs in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. Through a visionary plan in blending all aspects of educational and therapeutic practices, our aim is to ensure all our students and young people from 0 -25 years of age, regardless of whether they attend specialist or mainstream schools, become successful individuals, confident citizens, who are part of their community, and responsible individuals who have the tools to meet the challenges society provides.

We are a Multi Academy Trust who hold central to all we do the moral purpose of ensuring all our students and young people achieve their personal best, through highly effective partnerships with schools and professional bodies for the benefit of all. Our highly dedicated, motivated and experienced team approach, ensures we work closely with families and carers, in order to identify and meet the needs of our young people. We believe the strengths and skills we hold locally within our area, ensure we have the ability to organise and run professional schools without being part of a larger national trust organisations.

Our aim is to always provide our young people with an outstanding education in many forms. We are open to innovation, new ideas, are not afraid to fail and always looking to improve, through out of the box thinking. There are many forms that this can take in education and also for some of our young people this means developing their life skills.

Getting best value from our back office organisation and keeping a control of costs are important. We have developed relationships with various organisations to enable this to happen which we can develop as the Trust grows.

The Board of LWCT is made up of people who have considerable experience in the field of education, business, finance and personal development and whose ultimate aim is to provide the best possible educational experiences for all the students and young people, for whom the Trust is responsible.

The Trust Board operates in a similar way to a Board of Governors. We support and challenge the CEO regarding all the educational outcomes and have oversight of all the schools, but also, when appropriate, delegate responsibility to a Local Governing Body. This Local Body then continues to provide support and challenge to the specific school to which it is attached. 

I do hope that you find what you need from our website, with news and information about life within LWCT and through the links, more detail about the work in each Academy and our partnerships.  You can also find information about Our Trust Board Members.

If you are a school looking to join a Multi Academy Trust or to access some of our services, please contact us for more information. We hold ambitious aims and aspirations, as our young people deserve no less, and as such are more than happy to discuss any further questions or receive feedback about the work of the Trust or its Academies.

David Rhodes

Chair of the Board



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