Our Vision

The Lincolnshire Wolds Community Trust is a multi-academy chain that has at its core, equal support and equal challenge for its academies, ensuring the highest expectations are built and maintained for all aspects of education and care.   As a trust we actively encourage partnership working across our academies and also within the locality, regional and national partners, to enable the sharing of great practice, expertise and resources, to enable both staff and students to reach their aspirations and full fill their potential.

Our Purpose

A local solution to support local young people.  To be a centre of excellence for all students, through a range of provision that uses innovative and effective techniques in education and supporting outstanding life-long learning.

Our Values

The trust pledges to ensure all our provisions are places of outstanding life- long learning for all, tailored to individuals and built on the values of :


To lead by example, through innovative practices, that recognise the steps to the end goal through a growth mind-set.


All relationships across LWCT are built on trust and respect, through  maintaining consistent approaches, clear expectations and maintaining a professional standard. 


To draw on each others strengths, enabling team work, support and motivation, to have the confidence to make the most of all opportunities. 

Social Responsibility

To develop provision and practice that supports the local community, including individualised approaches in order to nurture progress and opportunities, built around the whole individual and their support network.




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